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Summer of Eighteen

[sunsets on the water] I am the girl that as soon as Labor Day weekend hits I pull out my UGG boots, leggings, dark nail polish and oversized sweaters to put myself in full fall mode. This year, not so much – you see… Continue Reading “Summer of Eighteen”

Couple Fall To-Do List

Whether you’re homebodies that love to keep it cozy indoors or enjoy the crisp air outside, this list is sure to have all sorts of fun ideas for you and your partner to do. Not to mention, bring you closer together just in time… Continue Reading “Couple Fall To-Do List”

Travel Diaries: Silver Lake Sand Dunes

  Dune you know Silver Lake Sand Dunes offer one of the best off-roading adventures in Michigan? Located along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, these sand dunes provide amazing views and a whole lot of fun. This past weekend we hit the dunes for… Continue Reading “Travel Diaries: Silver Lake Sand Dunes”

Five Things

soaking up what\’s left of summer Starting the week off on the right foot can completely change the course of the rest of the week, and I was reminded of that this past Sunday when I went out on the boat with A. Even… Continue Reading “Five Things”

The Joliet Rocket

All aboard! My boyfriend loves trains, and this past weekend he had the opportunity to be one of the EMT’s aboard the 765 Steam Engine Locomotive – The Joliet Rocket, and was nice enough to invite me on the adventure. The Joliet Rocket would… Continue Reading “The Joliet Rocket”