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Friday Favorites 3.5.21

  And just like that, we\’re back in March. March came in fierce for me, as I opened my door at 7 am on Monday morning to blue skies, the sun blasting, and a SKUNK on my front mat! Thankfully, I closed the door,… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 3.5.21”

Friday Favorites 2.26.21

And just like that, it\’s Friday again. For me, I think the week started to cruise by when the weather turned from single digits to blue skies and upper 40\’s. There\’s just something about beautiful weather that instantly transforms my mood. Sunday Jackers and… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 2.26.21”

Friday Favorites 2.19.21

Welcome to the party, it\’s finally Friday and time for us to catch up, so let\’s just jump right in!  Disney released the trailer for the movie Cruella and I am here for it.  Flora and Ulysses come out on Disney Plus today and… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 2.19.21”

Friday Favorites 2.5.21

Welcome to the first Friday of February! Despite being single, Valentine\’s Day is my absolute favorite – I love, love. You can imagine my excitement when February 1 arrives and I pinkify my life. Last week seemed to be in slow motion as if… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 2.5.21”

Five Things

{obsessed with Dee\’s Nuts – especially the Banana Pudding ones} Here are five favorites from my week. Hope you have an amazing weekend!  {date night with the boy – Kroger Prep+Pared BBQ Chicken Flatbread}  {Photoshoot with the babe}  {Obsessed with peony season} {current favorite… Continue Reading “Five Things”