Coming to Paramount+: Jerry & Marge Go Large

Something fun is now on Paramount+, and as a Michigander so knows all about the story of the Michigan couple and the lottery I had to check out Jerry & Marge Go Large. Random fact, Jerry & Marge Go Large takes place in Evart, Michigan, which is the town I ended up blowing one of my tires out in a few years ago. And just like in the Jerry & Marge Go Large, the man who helped me get back on the road was kind and caring.

Jerry & Marge Go Large tells the story of an Evart, Michigan couple who found a flaw in the Winfall lottery and ended up legally winning millions and millions of dollars due to Jerry’s smarts. But this isn’t your typical get rich fast story. Jerry and Marge put a lot of thought, and effort into getting the winnings, and even included their friends and neighbors of Evart in on the winnings when they added money to the pot.

The story is sweet, fun and intriguing. It’s a story you won’t believe is real but it is. If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch this weekend I highly recommend checking out Jerry & Marge Go Large! I watched it three times already and my mom has watched it twice just for reference how good it is!

JERRY & MARGE GO LARGE is inspired by the remarkable true story of retiree Jerry Selbee (Cranston), who discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery and, with the help of his wife, Marge (Bening), wins millions and uses the money to revive their small Michigan town.

In addition to Cranston and Bening, the cast includes Larry Wilmore, Rainn Wilson, Anna Camp, Ann Harada, Jake McDorman, Michael McKean and Uly Schlesinger. 

PG-13, for some language and suggestive references 

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5 Strawberry Picking Tips

Something exciting happened this week in Michigan—strawberry season arrived! There’s nothing like fresh strawberries from the field. Strawberry season usually begins in mid-June and lasts around three weeks depending on the weather and supply/demand. My favorite Michigan berries come right at the beginning of the season, and U-pick at Blake Farms began their season this week—so you know I had to go there immediately.

Are you ready to go strawberry picking? I’m sharing some tips to give you the best strawberry picking experience below.

5 Strawberry Picking Tips

1. Plan ahead.
Make sure you know what the u-pick hours are.
With inflation at an all-time high find out what the prices of picking will be.
Make sure the fields are plentiful so you don’t waste a trip.
Find out if they supply containers or if you need to bring your own.

2. Wear sunscreen and bring water
Strawberry fields are in a wide-open space, you’ll be getting full sun and it’s best to keep yourself protected. I also wear sunglasses and a hat and stay hydrated.

3. Don’t wear nice clothes
Strawberry plants are not elevated, you’ll be crawling or bending over to pick. This means the chances of getting strawberry juice all over you are pretty high, and no one wants to ruin their clothing.

4. Pick red berries
Strawberries only ripen on the plant, therefore you only want to pick the completely red berries.
Pro Tip: Don’t forget to look underneath the strawberry leaves, this is where you’ll find the most berries.

5. Be gentle
Leaving the caps on will help the strawberries last longer. You also don’t want to squish or bruise the berries.

What to do when you get home with your berries

1. Wait to wash them
You only want to wash your berries when you are ready to eat them. Once you wash the berries they are prone to spoiling quicker.

2. Best if used within 3-4 days of picking
Strawberries don’t have a long life and are best consumed within 3-4 days of picking.
Pro Tip: Storing them in the refrigerator will help you get the most out of your berries.

3. Freeze extras
Wash and hull them (take the green part off). Let them dry and put them in plastic bags in the freezer. I love to add frozen strawberries to smoothie bowls, make chia seed pudding, and more.

Happy picking!

If you live in the metro Detroit area I highly recommend heading over to Blake Farms for your u-pick experience!

Movie Review: Brian and Charles

Brian and Charles is definitely not the typical movie that I would gravitate to. But one of my goals of 2022 is to expand my horizon in whatever capacity that I can. So when the opportunity presented itself to screen Brian and Charles I decided to give it a go. The quick verdict: it’s lovely and relatable.

Brian and Charles is in theaters this Friday (June 17, 2022)

Brian and Charles is filmed in a mockumentary style and set during a harsh winter in an isolated Welsh village where Brian (David Earl) is struggling on his own. Already sounds relatable, doesn’t it? In order to stay busy Brian decides to start building things. Most of the things he builds are meaningless, but then he gets an idea. Since friends weren’t coming to him, Brian decided he would make a friend of his own. And so he built a robot and called him Charles (Chris Hayward).

While loneliness is at the forefront of Brian and Charles, you definitely get some laugh out loud moments and plenty of quirky British comedy. As you can image the film has moments that will rip at your heart strings especially the bullying parts.

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend give Brian and Charles a go!

Review: Mean Girls

Detroit! Have you heard something fetch and fun is in town now through June 19, 2022. While the movie will still remain my favorite this Broadway musical definitely knocks it out for the park for a fun night out.

Fun fact
Regina George is played by Nadina Hassan who is the mayor of Detroit’s niece!

The company also stars English Bernhardt who plays Cady and does in absolutely incredible job. Lindsay Heather Pearce who ROCKED it as Janis – I also saw her in Wicked and loved her so was excited to see her in another production. And you can’t forget Eric Huffman who did an AMAZING job playing Damian.

If you’re looking for a fun night out I cannot recommend Mean Girls enough. The musical is fun, lively and filled with a plenty of pink! It’s not a regular musical, it’s a cool musical.

Grab your tickets today to see Mean Girls at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit!

Movie Review: Top Gun Maverick

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS HOW YOU DO A SEQUEL! Top Gun Maverick, you have BLOWN me away. Top Gun is one of my all time favorite movies, and when a classic gets a sequel 36 years later, you’re truly skeptical how it is going to turn out. But WOW. I truly don’t even know what else to say. Top Gun Maverick is the movie we didn’t even know we’ve been waiting for.

Hands down I would give Top Gun Maverick five stars, because let me tell you it deserves every single last one of those stars. Nods to the original, appearances by oldies and newbies. Loved that Iceman made an appearance. Talk to me goose is still relevant and always will be.

I’ll be real honest with you right now, Top Gun Maverick is the must see movie of the summer, and that’s truly all the details I am giving you. Go see it on the BIGGEST screen possible. You won’t be disappointed. I’m off to go see it for a THIRD time this weekend. Because, wow!