2022 Gift Guide: Experience Gifts in Metro Detroit

Experience gifts have easily become my favorite gifts to give and receive. Not only are they unique, but they’ll offer a memory for years to come. Below I am sharing nine amazing experience gifts that any metro Detroiter is sure to love.

Gift Guide: Experience Gifts in Metro Detroit

Broadway in Detroit

I absolutely love attending Broadway shows, and eventually, there is always something for everyone that comes around. Upcoming shows are Tina, Beetlejuice, and Jagged Little Pill, or you can look to the new season with things like Frozen, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Wicked.

Creative Arts Studio

Located in Royal Oak, the Creative Arts Studio offers pottery painting, glass fusing, wheel throwing classes, and more. This makes a fun gift for everyone on your list. I recently took my mom to paint a gnome candle, and she absolutely loved the experience. I can’t wait to go back again. I’ll be giving my bestie a gift card to paint a pottery item this Christmas.

Metro Parks Pass

Who doesn’t love exploring? Most Michiganders have a Metro Parks Pass, but instead of making them pay for it, why not get them one as a gift? I received a Metro Parks Pass for my birthday and I used it to go fishing, kayaking, paddle a swan, bike, and hike. It was one of my favorite birthday gifts I have ever received and it always made me think of the person when I went.

Planet Rock – Indoor Rock Climbing

Planet Rock offers a fun indoor rock climbing experience. They get you set up for a climbing adventure and have everything there you can rent. This would be a fun gift to give to anyone on your list.

Detroit Institute of Arts

While the DIA is free to Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland residents, why not grab a gift card to the shop or restaurant inside and give it to the artsy person on your list to get them out enjoying something they may not typically think of doing.

Detroit Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! A membership to the Detroit Zoo or just a day pass will make the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

The Henry Ford

Explore cars, planes, history, nostalgia, and more at The Henry Ford. There’s something for everyone at The Henry Ford. Currently, Disney Villian and Heroes dresses are on display!

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Know someone who is into the classic things in life. Why not get them tickets to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Throughout the year they have some amazing shows that anyone will love. This year they even had a Harry Potter performance.

Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Send a friend or family member to see someone funny, bonus points of you go with them!

Experience Gift Idea: Creative Arts Studio

Experience gifts are my favorite way to celebrate the season. If you’re local to metro Detroit, I highly recommend the Creative Arts Studio in downtown Royal Oak as an experience gift. I recently went with my mom and we had the best time, not to mention painted the cutest gnomes there ever,

How often do you look back at Facebook memories, and old photos in your phone and think to yourself, “buying that cheese board was such an amazing experience!” I don’t imagine anyone would.

Instead, I’m sure you remember that autumn you went to the apple orchard with your mom, or the time your grandparents took you to Disney World, or maybe the time your child was so proud of something they built for you. You get the idea, they’re the memorable moments that’ll put a smile on your face every time you think about them.

I know that for me there have been plenty of Christmas, birthday’s and other special occasions in my life where I would have received a physical gift that I wanted so badly, but if I’m being honest, very rarely have any been anything that I remember. I couldn’t tell you what I received last year for Christmas.

You know what I can tell you I remember? My grandparents taking the family to go see The Rockettes one Christmas and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat another. You see creating memorable experiences, is something you’ll hold dear.

You hear the older generation talk about regretting experiences they didn’t get to complete in life, but rarely do you hear them talk about regretting not buying more of this or that.

Why not move away from the physical gifts this holiday season, and start creating opportunities for memories that will only bring you and the people you care about closer together.

This holiday season I wanted to create a new memory with my mom. Something I could cherish forever, taking into consideration she falls asleep during shows I found the perfect thing for us to do. We went to the Creative Arts Studio in downtown Royal Oak to paint some pottery.

Creative Arts Studio offers walk-in paintings or they have classes. My mom and I attended the gnome pottery painting candle class. The class was a ton of fun, I got to spend quality time with my mum being creative and take home an adorable gnome with a candle that I painted.

Whether you’re looking for an experience gift, a night out, or just want to do something for yourself or with friends, I can’t recommend Creative Arts Studio enough!

2022 Gift Guide: Made in Michigan

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I am sharing nine Michigan businesses that I absolutely love. Not only have I personally purchased from all these Michigan businesses to give as gifts, but they’re my personal favorites. Explore nine of my favorite Michigan-made gifts to give below:

9 Made in Michigan Gifts to Give

My Captured Journey

My Captured Journey is based in based Michigan, and offers some unique jewelry pieces. My favorite pieces are the ones that have sand in them from the Great Lakes. I personally own an Upper + Lower bracelet with sand, an Upper Peninsula bracelet with sand, a ring with sand, and a necklace. As you can tell I am a huge fan of My Captured Journey’s products. I first discovered the brand a few years ago at Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak and have been hooked ever since.

Detroit Can Company

I actually just discovered Detroit Can Company while I was at St. Nick’s Craft Show at Henry Ford High School. Detroit Can Company features cans that are filled with Michigan goodies, and it’ll make the perfect gift for my homesick Michigan bestie who now resides in Florida.

Pewabic Pottery

My mum actually turned me on to Pewabic Pottery years ago. I love how unique the pieces are. I own a few pieces and will be adding a few more to my personal collection this year. As well as gifting a couple.

Stormy Kromer

The tried and true, classic UP company. Not only do I love Stormy Kromer signature hats, but their clothing is amazing as well. If you live in a cold weather state or if you’re a Michigander without this must-have you are truly missing out.

Kalamazoo Candle Company

Let me reintroduce you to my favorite candle company. Kalamazoo Candle Company is home to soy candles that provide a clean burn, long-lasting fragrance, and have a longer burn time than most brands on the market *cough Bath and Body Works cough*. My absolute favorite scent is I’ve Got a Gal which smells like Love Spell. I always have extra Kalamazoo Candles around the house to give as gifts.

Northern Nail Polish

Northern Nail Polish not only has unique colors but each polish is also named after places or things that are unique to Michigan. The polish is long-lasting, the color is gorgeous, and is easily one of my favorite brands. I purchased a few polishes for friends this year.

Grand Rapids Popcorn

No movie night, backyard bonfire, or cocoa board will be complete this holiday season without Grand Rapids Popcorn. I currently have a few flavors on my cocoa cart ready for guests. Grand Rapids Popcorn makes a great gift for neighbors.

Murdick’s Fudge

My favorite Mackinac Island Fudge ships! This summer I ate my body’s worth of Murdick’s Fudge while I biked around the island, and in 2020 I mailed it to friends and family for Christmas.

Michigan Mittens

Michigan Mittens, if you’re friends with me you’ve probably received them as a gift. I have multiple pairs, and I especially love the oven mitts!

2022 Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Let’s talk about stocking stuffers. They’re actually my personal favorite things to shop for. To help elevate your shopping experience this holiday season I am sharing nine stocking stuffers that everyone on your list is sure to love.

Gift Guide: 9 Stocking Stuffers

Lip Balm – Hempz

One of my favorite stocking stuffers to not only give but to receive is lip balm. No matter the season I love using lip balm, and Hempz offers my absolute favorite lip balm. It’s not too greasy, and they’re larger than traditional chapstick allowing for just one swipe, add a little shine and get my lips hydrated quickly.

Natural Deodorant – Nitty Gritty

This year I made the personal decision to give up my Degree deodorant that has been tried and true for me. I wanted something without aluminum. The problem was I am a sweaty person, and without the aluminum, in most natural deodorants I would stink. While at a craft show this summer I discovered Nitty Gritty. After speaking with the owner, and her telling me that her natural deodorant was different, I decided to buy three of them. To my surprise, she was actually correct. Nitty Gritty Pit Sticks are not only all-natural, but they prevent me from being the sticky girl. I cannot recommend this company enough. P.S. she also has amazing lip balms!

Zodiac Mini Stone Pack – Shoppe Geo

Know someone into astrology? Maybe someone who likes crystals? Or just looking for a unique gift to give? Shoppe Geo has a ton of mini stone packs, and the Zodiac Mini Stone Pack might just be my favorite. You can change a lot of things about yourself, but you can never change your Zodiac sign. It’s a fun and unique gift great for those young and old. I bought my friends their sign as gifts this year.

Healing Stones – Shoppe Geo

Healing Stones have become my favorite. I love the significance behind each stone, and its purpose. This Healing Stone Kit is great for someone just getting into stones, someone looking for a new vibe, or perhaps someone who could use a little extra encouragement. My mom bought me this kit earlier in the year, and I absolutely love it.

Moisture Stick – Treat Beauty

If you’re like me and love spending time outside and adventuring during the winter, let me introduce you to the Moisture Stick by Treat Beauty. The moisture stick is designed to be used anywhere you need a little love because you’re feeling dry. I personally love it on my nose and lips, especially after hours outside doing wintery adventures.

Gummies – Sugarfina

Sugarfina has a huge variety of gummies that will add a little something sweet to everyone’s stocking. They’re great for anyone on your list.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea – Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea is not only a cult classic, but it’s the tea I drink every single day in the winter. If someone on your list loves tea, then you have to grab them come hot cinnamon spice, you’ll thank me later!

Socks – Darn Tough

Darn Tough is my favorite sock brand. I love them for lounging at home, adventures, and honestly just everyday activities. They’re moisture-wicking, comfortable, and a must.

Body Butter – Hempz

I talked about how much I loved Hempz lip balms earlier in this post, now it’s time to brag about their body butters. Your body, hands, and feet will feel moisturized and hydrated after just one application. With tons of great scents you’re sure to find one everyone on your list will love… don’t forget to get yourself some too!