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Jack Turns 8

  Dear Jackers,  How are you already eight years old? It feels like just yesterday I brought your energetic self home and you change my entire life. As someone who never wanted a pet, I found myself absolutely in love with you, even though… Continue Reading “Jack Turns 8”

New SCOOB! Movie: Barkbox Edition

 [Thank you, Warner Bros., for sending Jack and I the SCOOB! BarkBox] Zoinks! Have you heard the news? The mystery has been solved! The SCOOB! BarkBox is adorable, and you\’re not going to want to miss out on it. FedEx delivered the box the… Continue Reading “New SCOOB! Movie: Barkbox Edition”

2019: Christmas Card Reveal

Growing up I was taught to always send thank you cards out when you receive a gift, and always send Christmas cards to friends and family. Ever since Jack came into my life I have made an effort to put his cute little face… Continue Reading “2019: Christmas Card Reveal”

Dog Running Pictures

Does anyone else crack up when they see pictures of dogs running? This past weekend I had so much fun taking pictures of Jack running. His hair blowing in the wind, the crazy facial expressions – seriously dog running pictures are my favorite. Some… Continue Reading “Dog Running Pictures”

Jack is 7

I am not sure how, and when this happened. It seems like just yesterday I wrote my \’Meet Jack\’ post, but this week this adorable little guy celebrated his 7th birthday. I just want time to stop right where it is, so this precious… Continue Reading “Jack is 7”