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New SCOOB! Movie: Barkbox Edition

 [Thank you, Warner Bros., for sending Jack and I the SCOOB! BarkBox] Zoinks! Have you heard the news? The mystery has been solved! The SCOOB! BarkBox is adorable, and you\’re not going to want to miss out on it. FedEx delivered the box the… Continue Reading “New SCOOB! Movie: Barkbox Edition”

Dog Toys Benefiting Autism Research

{Bow-Tie collar gifted from my mum} A dog can never have too many toys especially when they’re toys that can Make-A-Difference. Furry & Fabulous released a line of dog toys that teens with Autism designed and let me tell you they’re not only adorable,… Continue Reading “Dog Toys Benefiting Autism Research”

DIY: Valentine\’s Dog Toy

It\’s no secret DIY projects are my favorite and lately I have been making Jack plenty of toys including this no sew fleece heart toy (made just like the no sew tie blankets). It\’s a quick and easy project that your pup is sure… Continue Reading “DIY: Valentine\’s Dog Toy”