New SCOOB! Movie: Barkbox Edition

 [Thank you, Warner Bros., for sending Jack and I the SCOOB! BarkBox]
Zoinks! Have you heard the news? The mystery has been solved! The SCOOB! BarkBox is adorable, and you\’re not going to want to miss out on it. FedEx delivered the box the other day to the front door so I released my partner in crime to check it out. Let me tell you Jack gives this SCOOB! BarkBox four paws up! Thanks to this super cute and fun SCOOB! themed BarkBox, Jackers learned that he loves salmon – I mean he REALLY loves salmon haha. 

What came in the SCOOB! BarkBox?

Scooby-Doo of course! Obviously, the coolest dog of them all (besides Jack of course), had to be included! The Scoob stuffy is packed with plenty of fluff, a disc squeaker, and crinkle. This Scoob stuffy is perfect for playing fetch with your pup – after all Scooby-Doo is used to being chased.

Jinkies! You can\’t forget about the Mystery Machine! Packed with all your dog\’s favorites: fluff, crinkle, and of course a disc squeaker.

Jeepers! You can\’t forget about the most important part… Scooby Snacks! Jack\’s BarkBox had two packages of Scooby Snacks one was duck and the other was trout. There was also a Scooby Snack salmon chew, that Jack was completely stoked about. This was Jack\’s first time having a salmon treat, and I think it just might be his new favorite – clearly, he takes after his mama because I definitely love salmon. I only give Jack treats that are made in the USA so I loved that these were made in the USA.

Grab your favorite snack and don\’t forget, you can watch SCOOB! at home this Friday, May 15th! 

SCOOB Movie Night 
Have you heard the news! The gang will be ready to visit your living room this Friday, May 15! As an added bonus you can join in on the SCOOB! Movie Night Premiere Event and Twitter Watch Party featuring a dedicated red carpet pre-show with talent appearances, exclusive content and more. Once the watch party begins you can engage on Twitter using #SCOOBMovieNight, and don\’t forget to purchase SCOOB!.

I\’ll be joining in and watching SCOOB! thanks to the WB to find out how lifelong friends Scooby-Doo and Shaggy first met and joined Fred, Velma and Daphne to form the famous Mystery Inc. Rumor has it the gang will be facing their biggest and most challenging ever, and Jack and I cannot wait to watch!

SCOOB!: Dog Hero Scooby-Doo is enlisted by a league of superheroes – some human, some not – assembled by their leader the Blue Falcon to prevent villain Dick Dastardly from summoning a three-headed hellhound, and thereby stop the impending \”ghost-pocalyspe\”. Starring Will Forte, Frank Weller, Gina Rodriguez, Tracy Morgan, Mark Walhberg, Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried, Ken Jeong, Kiersey Clemons, Jason Isaacs. Directed by Dan Povenire. (WARNER BROS.)
This film is rated PG.

No way did this guy want to give up that salmon dog chew!

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