Five Things

[adult swaddle blankets are my new favorite]

I cannot believe I have just concluded week 9 of quarantine here in Michigan. It\’s absolutely crazy to think that 63 we have been under a stay-at-home order.

I will be honest with you, as someone who could probably be considered \”needy\” and usually has a jam-packed schedule filled with events and activities – I actually feel like I am thriving during this quarantine. Of course, I am not thrilled with the fact that I cannot travel and that shows and sports are canceled. I hate that restaurants are curbside only and that I am unable to interact with people. I especially hate that I lost my job, but despite all of this I am in the best mental state that I have been in a really long time.

I figured out the key to my happiness and why I am thriving – it\’s hiking. Yes, I know that I go on hikes constantly and travel to hike, but I never wake up every single morning and go hiking. Jack and I are still on the same schedule we were on when I was working. However, instead of me beginning to work after I take Jack for his morning walk we now head out into the woods for a hike and it is everything I need.

So while tomorrow is unknown, and everything is canceled for the year, instead of me feeling sad and depressed I am filled with all the positive vibes and really feel like I am thriving. With that being said this week\’s five things are filled with everything that has given me all the feel-good vibes this week. Which includes, an amazing package from my friend Megan, views from this week\’s hikes, a super cute BarkBox featuring SCOOB! goodies, a super cute adult swaddle blanket that I cannot wait to use for car camping and campfires and a picture from the amazing Blue Angels flyover that gave me all the feels.

Here is to another amazing week, and don\’t forget to keep up with what Jack and I are doing by following us on Instagram. Trust me, you\’re not going to want to miss the details on how we are watching SCOOB! tonight!

 [all the feels from the Blue Angels Detroit flyover]
 [this dog backpack allows Jackers to still come hike with me!]
 [thanks, Megan for the \”pick-me-up\” package – it made my week!]
[Jeepers! We are so excited to watch SCOOB! tonight!]

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