How To Make an Easy Cheese Board

Cheese boards have become all the rage. During the holidays this year I shared how to make a simple cheese board, and today I am going to share with how to make an easy cheese board. I am going to show you how to make a cheese board without breaking the bank.

When it comes to making cheese boards, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Whether I am pulling together a late-night snack, goodies for a girl\’s movie night, a quick and easy weekend lunch, or an appetizer for friends, cheese boards are my go-to for every occasion.

Cheese boards can be as fancy or as simple as you\’d like them to be. When I am doing a cheese board for guests I typically like to include: 1-2 types of meat, 2-3 kinds of cheese, a pile of crackers and a few handfuls of snack foods that I have stashed in the pantry.

Lately, I have been ditching the snack foods and going with pickles and apples. The combination has been absolutely amazing.

The secret to a great cheeseboard?
Pile it on there. Seriously.

Easy cheese board tips and tricks
Serving size of one ounce per cheese, per person
When I build a cheese board for 4-6 people I like to do at least three different cheese and two meats
If using fancy cheese leave the cheese out at room temperature one hour prior to serving

How to assemble a cheese board

Make sure to color block
Make it inviting
Get creative
Put jams, jellies, and spreads in small jars and replenish as needed

What to include on a cheese board?
A variety of cheeses
A variety of meats
Grape Tomatoes
Jams, jellies or spreads
Assorted fruit, such as apples
And more

My everyday cheese boards usually feature:

Dearborn Brand Smoked Kielbasa
A variety of store-brand cheeses
Assorted crackers
Whatever fresh fruit I have in the house at the time (typically apples)
I have also been making cheese boards that have pretzels, vegetables, and nuts. When it comes to a cheese board the sky is the limit. Create one that you will love, not just one you\’re trying to make fancy and impressive.

Pro Tip: Splurge on a small chunk of your favorite fancy cheese and fill out the rest of the cheeseboard with much less expensive options.

How to preserve leftover cheese?
Tightly wrap leftover cheese in wax paper or foil and throw them in the vegetable drawer to ensure freshness.

How to display your cheese board?I like to use a serving tray, cutting board, small slabs of wood or a small sheet pan to make my cheese boards.
Pro Tip: By the time you get your cheeseboard piled high with all the delicious goodies, no one will even notice what you have used.

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