11 Snacks to Pack on your Next Hike

Depending on your level of hiking expertise, you may be fully outfitted for an all-day adventure or you may just be trekking a mile or two out to see the beautiful scenery. No matter what, there are a few essentials that you don’t want to forget. Comfortable walking or hiking shoes, water, and snacks.

When you’re out there on the trail, your body exerts a lot of energy, which means it is crucial to keep it fueled and energized so you can continue moving. If you have ever been on a hike, you know that one of the best things about the hike is snack time. You find that perfect spot to stop, catch your breath, take in the view and of course give yourself some energy.  When it comes to hiking snacks the possibilities are endless, and let me tell you I am a snack packer. I mean, who wants to end up starving and lightheaded while they’re on the trail? I know I sure do not want that.

Just because it is called “trail mix” does not mean it will suffice when you’re climbing up hills in the sun. Today I am sharing with you my favorite snacks to pack for a day hike. Not only will these snacks hold up in your backpack as you hike, but they taste delicious. If you’re looking for a few snack ideas to take along on your next hike, here are 11 snacks to pack for your next hike.

11 Snacks to Pack on your Next Hike

1. Trail mix
No hiking snack list would be complete without trail mix, right? You can go to the store and buy a pre-made mix. I personally love making my own and it usually contains nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.
Pro Tip: When I don’t have time to make trail mix or don’t want to bring some with me you will always find individual packs of nuts, dried fruit, and seeds in my backpack.

2. Peanut butter and bananas 
Peanut butter is full of energizing goodness (proteins, calories, and healthy fat), combined with potassium-rich bananas that will fight of muscle cramps.

3. Hunter sausage and beef jerky
Beef jerky and hunter sausage are easy to pack and protein-packed, which makes it a favorite amongst most hikers.
Pro Tip: I love individual packages of hunter sausage, it is easy and convenient.

4. Fruit
With fruits naturally-occurring sugars and an extra dose of hydration, it is the perfect perfect snack for any occasion. I love bringing watermelon or grapes out on the trail with me.
Pro Tip: Freeze some grapes the night before, to have a refreshing snack while you’re out on the trail.

5. Granola
Granola is one of my essentials to bring on the trail with me, especially in the mornings. You can make your own granola or pick up a package from the store.

Pro Tip: Grain-free granola has quickly become my favorite to have on the trail with me.

6. Tuna packets
Tuna is a great way to get quick protein. I love the fact that you can buy individual tuna packets, that are easy to open and pack in a backpack.
Pro Tip: Bring crackers to scoop the tuna out of the packet. I have been loving having tuna with Cheez-Its or Goldfish lately. 

7. Dried fruit
Dried fruit is great for a quick energy boost. I love individual boxes of dried fruit to make it easier when I’m on the trail.
Pro Tip: Keep a box of dried fruit in the pocket of your hiking pants for quick access to an energy boost.

8. Nuts and seeds
Individual packets of nuts and sunflower seeds are easy to pack and are great for a boost of energy on the trail. Sometimes I will even mix it up with candied nuts instead of raw nuts.

9. Snickers
Yes, the candy bar. When I was in college one of my friends trained to hike Everest and the essential item he said he needed to pack was Snickers bars. Not only do they give a boost of energy, but they’re said to help with altitude sickness.
Pro Tip: Bring frozen mini Snicker bars with you so they will hold up longer in warmer temperatures.

10. Roasted chickpeas
These little guys are a great source of protein. You can buy a package or easily make your own.

11. Nutrition Bars
Nutrition bars are a quick and easy way to fuel up and easy to pack in your daypack. Sometimes I bring sweet bars out with me just to have as a “dessert” when I reach a certain point, other times I bring bars to enjoy in the morning or protein bars for easy energy during a hike.

Get creative with your hiking snacks and pack some nourishing food that will keep you energized while you’re out exploring. Make sure you pack snacks that you will actually eat. What are your favorite snacks to pack?

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