Erma\’s Frozen Custard DIY Strawberry Shortcake Kit

Ever since I was little heading to Erma\’s Frozen Custard was a summer tradition. Every day they have vanilla, chocolate, and twist custard. Every week they have a couple \”weekly\” flavors. I am vanilla with sprinkles kind of gal unless they have someone of my favorite flavors that week: dreamsicle, dragonfruit peach, lemon chiffon or strawberry.

With a pandemic being in full effect and places being up able to open up, I was excited to learn this past week that Erma\’s Frozen Custard was open for curbside pickup and they had dreamsicle – yum! While I was looking through the menu online to place my order I discovered that they had a DIY Strawberry Shortcake Kit. With everything going on, DIY kits have quickly become my favorite, so of course, I ordered a DIY Strawberry Shortcake Kit, and let me tell you it was definitely worth it.

Erma\’s Frozen Custard DIY Strawberry Shortcake Kit came with a generous portion of vanilla ice cream, a slice of packaged SaraLee pound cake, and a container of delicious strawberry topping. I took the kit out on the trail with me, assembled it, and enjoyed it while I walked by the river.

Have you bought any DIY kits during the pandemic?

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