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Jack Turns 8

  Dear Jackers,  How are you already eight years old? It feels like just yesterday I brought your energetic self home and you change my entire life. As someone who never wanted a pet, I found myself absolutely in love with you, even though… Continue Reading “Jack Turns 8”

2019: Christmas Card Reveal

Growing up I was taught to always send thank you cards out when you receive a gift, and always send Christmas cards to friends and family. Ever since Jack came into my life I have made an effort to put his cute little face… Continue Reading “2019: Christmas Card Reveal”

Dog Running Pictures

Does anyone else crack up when they see pictures of dogs running? This past weekend I had so much fun taking pictures of Jack running. His hair blowing in the wind, the crazy facial expressions – seriously dog running pictures are my favorite. Some… Continue Reading “Dog Running Pictures”

Jack is 7

I am not sure how, and when this happened. It seems like just yesterday I wrote my \’Meet Jack\’ post, but this week this adorable little guy celebrated his 7th birthday. I just want time to stop right where it is, so this precious… Continue Reading “Jack is 7”

DIY: Mud Mitt

Jack\’s feet get ridiculously dirty in the spring, especially after multiple rainy days. So I came up with a quick and easy solution – The Mud Mitt.  Materials• Hand Towel or dish towel • Ribbon• Sewing Machine (you could hand sew if you wanted)•… Continue Reading “DIY: Mud Mitt”