Jack Turns 8


Dear Jackers, 

How are you already eight years old? It feels like just yesterday I brought your energetic self home and you change my entire life. As someone who never wanted a pet, I found myself absolutely in love with you, even though you kept taking potty breaks under my Christmas tree. When I brought you home, I promised I would give you everything I could and love you to pieces. We were both everything that each other needed and still needs. You\’re my best friend, favorite adventure buddy and the best snuggler a girl could ever ask for. 

You welcome me home with the sweetest \”I love yous,\” you put up with me taking your picture constantly, even when you\’re sleeping. You have a heard of gold, and I honestly could not be thriving through 2020 without you. 2020, resulted in me losing my job and you gaining your best friend home with you 24/7. We learned that you love bike rides, car camping, hiking in a backpack and the smallest adventures make you happy. We discovered you absolutely love salmon and go crazy for it. We welcomed new challenges and found even more love. You are a bundle of joy and I am thankful everyday for having the best little Jack Rabbit in the universe. 

I hope you\’re car camping woodland themed birthday paw-ty was everything you could have ever wanted. From delicious cake (that frosting was unreal) to surprise salmon this was one birthday fit for a little prince. 

Happy Birthday, Jack. Please stop getting older. 

Love you always, Your Mama

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