13 Fall 2020 Beauty Trends

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Can you believe in just 30 days it will officially be fall? It\’s crazy that we have spent the past six months in a pandemic and time is just quickly flying by. With fall right around the corner, I thought I would share my favorite fall 2020 beauty trends. 

1. A rosy glow. This fall make your cheeks pop by adding and an extra touch of blush along your cheekbones and blending it out toward your temples. 

2. You were made for mauve. Mauve is the quintessential transition shade from warm to cooler weather. It\’s a more dramatic look than summery shades, however, you leave out the vampy fall tones. Mauve is great for most skin tones and looks gorgeous on lips, eyes, and even cheeks. 

3. Will you be well red? Bold red lip colors were the spotlight of the fall 2020 runways. Play with a variety of different reds until you find the one that is perfect for you. Don\’t forget red is also perfect for your nails. 

4. Make a statement with hair accessories. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) has always been my headband inspiration. This fall release your inner Blair and grab some statement hairpieces.

5. Face mask matching nails. In case you haven\’t heard its cool to match your nails to your face mask. 

6. Matte nails. Matte nails were popular a few years ago, you know you have a couple matte bottles laying around. Grab them and give yourself a trendy matte manicure. 

7. Gradient nails. This is probably my absolute favorite trend, probably because I have been doing it for a few years. Grab give shades of your favorite color and get to polishing. I can\’t wait to do green gradient nails. 

8. Neutral nails. With the bright fashion trends coming out this fall, get ready for neutral manicures.  Neutral manicures are the perfect juxtaposition to bright colors clothing. Zoya nail polish has some gorgeous neutral shades, you\’ll definitely be able to find one that matches your skin tone.

9. Keeping it dewy. Most of us have found ourselves bare-faced this summer. Turn up the bare-faced look this fall by adding glossy highlights and a touch of dew. 

10. Grungy and smokey eyes. Welcome back \’90s goth and punk makeup looks. Think smudgy and smokey eyes. 

11. Golden girl. Make your eyes pop this fall when you add gold to your eye makeup routine. Think a thin layer of gold eyeshadow on the lid and inner corner of your eye, then smoke out the crease with a neutral brown. Channel the grungy look by adding some smudged black eyeliner to the mix. 

12. Just wing it. Welcome thin and sharp winged eyeliner. Pair the winged eyeliner look with neutral, vampy, or red lips.

13. Colorful mascara. Add a pop of color in a whole new way with a tube of colorful mascara. Try blue lashes with brown eyeshadow for a sky and earth look. Or take the trend to a whole new level when you pair pink mascara with a clean face.

What trends will you be trying this fall? If you\’re looking for more fall beauty trends and how to create them Amanda Jo Organic Bunny has your back.

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