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11 Traditions To Start With Your Guy

As a child Christmas felt magical, because of all the special things you did only at this time of year – decorating sugar cookies, Christmas stories by the fire…etc. Keep the magic alive by starting some traditions with the guy in your life. Here… Continue Reading “11 Traditions To Start With Your Guy”

5 Reasons To Say Yes To A Date You\’re Unsure About

{This cutesy scene is courtesy of an awkward coffee date this week} Wouldn’t it be nice if only the men of our dreams asked us out? In reality, you won’t be sure about every guy who asks you out, but here are five reasons… Continue Reading “5 Reasons To Say Yes To A Date You\’re Unsure About”

Three Upsides of Dating

Some people think dating is fun. When said people say something that ridiculous to me, my first instinct is to respond with, “which part is fun?”. Being on interview, perhaps it’s wondering if he will contact you again/do you want him to contact you/is… Continue Reading “Three Upsides of Dating”

Cuffing Season

Pretty colored leaves litter the sidewalks, and all anyone can talk about is Pumpkin Spice…. well everything. November has officially arrived and we’re heading straight into cuffing season. Don’t know what cuffing season is? Let me get you up to speed… Per Urban Dictionary:… Continue Reading “Cuffing Season”