Three Upsides of Dating

Some people think dating is fun. When said people say something that ridiculous to me, my first instinct is to respond with, “which part is fun?”. Being on interview, perhaps it’s wondering if he will contact you again/do you want him to contact you/is he waiting for you to contact him. I know, perhaps you mean the ‘He’s not at all what he looked like in his pics and hello, do I look like my pics?”
So while dating comes with its fair share of nightmares, there are some good things dating presents. We’re going to focus on those positives, because really who wants to be a negative Nancy. 
1. Dating helps you discover new hot spots. Sometimes you go to some really unique local restaurants or visit places you’ve never been before.

2.  Dating makes you feel brave. It takes a lot of courage and guts to just put yourself out there.

3. Make new friends or connections. Sure, no one says yes to a date hoping that it turns into a new friend or colleague, but an upside of dating is that even if it’s not a romantic connection, it can be another connection that benefits you both.

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