5 Reasons To Say Yes To A Date You\’re Unsure About

{This cutesy scene is courtesy of an awkward coffee date this week}

Wouldn’t it be nice if only the men of our dreams asked us out? In reality, you won’t be sure about every guy who asks you out, but here are five reasons you should go ahead and say yes to that date.  

1. You may end up really, really liking him. If people hooked up only with the people they really liked rom-coms would have no reason to exist. Give the guy an hour of your time – what do you have to lose?

2. It might be the most awkward or worst date ever. Well, maybe that’s not great for you, but it’s good practice for getting you out there and away from your comfort zone.  

3. He might not be “The One”, but you could connect in other ways. While he might not be your future husband, he may have a friend that could be or a job opportunity for you. You just never know.

4. You might find your new favorite restaurant – coffee shop, bar, whatever. Maybe you won’t find the perfect guy, but sometimes you go to some really cool places that would make the perfect location for your next girls night.

5. Your only other plan is a TBS marathon of Friends re-runs and ahem, some of us have already been told we watch too much.

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