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Lake St. Clair Sunset

This weekend my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go out on his boat, and I asked if we could stay out for sunset, he agreed. We headed out onto Lake St. Clair, with a goal of getting me in the water and… Continue Reading “Lake St. Clair Sunset”

Restaurant Review: Supino Pizzeria

  Located on Russell Street in the heart of Eastern Market you’ll find Supino Pizzeria. Let me tell you, if you like New York style greasy thin crust pizza this is the place for you. Andrew and I checked it out before seeing Cinderella… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Supino Pizzeria”

Dying Easter Eggs

  Did anyone else dye eggs for Easter? A and I did, and even though Easter is over I had to share our eggcellent masterpieces.  

Kroger Prep + Pared: Coconut Curry Chicken

Anyone else a huge fan of date nights that involve food? One thing I really appreciate about Andrew is how adventurous our eating is – from home cooked meals to eating out sometimes thinking outside the box really makes the meal. You\’ve read about… Continue Reading “Kroger Prep + Pared: Coconut Curry Chicken”

5 Dates to Beat the Winter Blues

Living in Michigan when February rolls around we hardly see any days with the sun. The lack of sunshine makes it easy for anyone to just bunker down. Before you realize it you’re five-seasons deep in a seven-season show. Don’t get stuck in this… Continue Reading “5 Dates to Beat the Winter Blues”