5 Dates to Beat the Winter Blues

Living in Michigan when February rolls around we hardly see any days with the sun. The lack of sunshine makes it easy for anyone to just bunker down. Before you realize it you’re five-seasons deep in a seven-season show. Don’t get stuck in this slump, I have five date night ideas for you that’ll help you beat the winter blues. No significant other? No problem! These ideas are perfect for you and your girlfriends as well.
Decide on who will make dinner and who is making dessert. Write down three ingredients that the other person has to use, and head to the grocery store to get what you need to cook your portion of the meal and just like Food Network’s Chopped ‘get cookin’ when you get home. Give yourselves thirty minutes to create your dinner and dessert masterpieces.
Evening out
Divvy up the planning process, one person picks the restaurant and the other chooses the evening’s post dinner activity. It’s a great way to collaborate on a night out instead of everything being one-sided.

Enjoy a five-course dinner… at five different places
Pick a place to grab an appetizer, one to enjoy soup and salad, another for a main course to split, head to another for another main course and round out the evening with dessert.

Release your inner child
Head to the store and buy those cheap plastic sleds you used as a kid, head for the hills, when you’re finished wind down with a cup of cocoa.

Have simple fun with a black tie twist
Get dressed in your best, and head to your local bowling alley for a fun filled evening.

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