The Joliet Rocket

All aboard! My boyfriend loves trains, and this past weekend he had the opportunity to be one of the EMT’s aboard the 765 Steam Engine Locomotive – The Joliet Rocket, and was nice enough to invite me on the adventure. The Joliet Rocket would offer a four-hour roundtrip excursion that would depart from Joliet, Illinois and arrive at LaSalle Street Station in Chicago. Passengers were encouraged to wear their best 1940’s or 50’s attire, and there was even reenactors aboard the train. This was my first time ever on a steam engine, which was a ton of fun to experience. Aboard the train I got to know a lot of the engine car hosts as well as the passengers, which was really neat since people came from all over to ride this locomotive. Trains are something that A absolutely loves, so it was really nice to experience this ride with him. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the adventure….

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