Five Things

soaking up what\’s left of summer
Starting the week off on the right foot can completely change the course of the rest of the week, and I was reminded of that this past Sunday when I went out on the boat with A. Even though the water was really rough and I ended up with minor whiplash, I had such a good time that it put me a good mood for the rest of the week. But then again, being out on the water, relaxing in the sun, spending time with my boyfriend, taking the boat to dinner does have a tendency to make things better. This weekend, I’m looking forward to picking apples with my mum and dinner by the water with my boyfriend. Have a great weekend!
 probably one of the cooler life experiences I have had
thank you A for inviting me, I can\’t even put into words how much fun I had!
 delicious dinner on the water – I am seriously going to miss this!
 playing with my fav little guy.  loving my Lugz.
workout in my new adorable workout gear.

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