Summer of Eighteen

[sunsets on the water]
I am the girl that as soon as Labor Day weekend hits I pull out my UGG boots, leggings, dark nail polish and oversized sweaters to put myself in full fall mode. This year, not so much – you see I had one of the best summers that I have had in a really long time thanks to my amazing boyfriend. Despite the fact that school took up a lot of his summer availability we were still able to squeeze in plenty of wonderful moments together. I can’t thank him enough for all the moments we shared this past summer. Over the course of the last few months I have shared some of these moments with all of you, and thought with temperatures dipping low it presented the perfect opportunity to get reminiscent.

 [turnout gear]
 [working on swimming]

[serene moments]

[cooking dinner together]

[gaining more trust when it comes to boating abilities]
 [Detroit Princess adventure]

 [dinner by boat – looooved this so much]
 [new memories when it comes to this salad]

[new restaurants in new cities]

[dodging rain drops]
 [picking peaches in the backyard]
 [amazing views]
[rockin\’ on the riverfront]

[my first ever steam engine ride]
A, I cannot thank you enough for all the fun I had with you this summer. I will cherish the memories we created forever. I don’t think either of us is ready for the fall, however I cannot wait for all the fall memories we are about to create. P.S. I cannot believe it’s already been over a year since THIS date happened and changed everything – and is definitely a night I could never forget. xo

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