Five Things

 {Little Sable Point Lighthouse}

This past week was definitely an interesting one. A and I took a little road trip, and things didn’t go exactly as planned. However, both of us stayed calmed and did what we could to make the best of the situation and fix the issues we were presented with. That being said, for me it was a turning point in our relationship. It showed how we reacted in a high-pressure situation, and how we worked to resolve the issues. I feel like since we have pretty good communication skills, as things were communicated things got done, issues got resolved and the weekend ended without any fighting at all. Let’s face it any negative situation stinks, but we got through this one, and it gave me that extra boost of confidence that if we work together as a team we can easily get through things. I can’t wait to see what this weekend brings…besides rain.

 {So glad I rode doubles with you – it was ridiculously fun}
 {Hello Lake Michigan}
{If you love Broadway shows you have to see Something Rotten}

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