Couple Fall To-Do List

Whether you’re homebodies that love to keep it cozy indoors or enjoy the crisp air outside, this list is sure to have all sorts of fun ideas for you and your partner to do. Not to mention, bring you closer together just in time for the holidays.

Fall To-Do List for Couple
Pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch
Carve pumpkins together
Plan a scenic hike
Visit a farmers market and make a seasonal dinner
Take a road trip and enjoy the fall colors
Make a blanket fort and watch scary movies
Have date night by an indoor fire
Go apple picking
Make caramel apples
Head to a corn maze
Check out a fair or festival
Bake a pie together
Go on a weekend get away
Volunteer together
Go for a bike ride
Head to a haunted house
Cook a romantic meal and enjoy it by candle light

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