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DIY: Ombré Tote Bag

My parents recently brought me a gorgeous bouquet of peonies from their backyard the colors inspired me to create a striped ombré tote, that\’s become the perfect accessory at the farmers market. Just grab some painters tape (I love Frog Tape) and tape the… Continue Reading “DIY: Ombré Tote Bag”

DIY: Mud Mitt

Jack\’s feet get ridiculously dirty in the spring, especially after multiple rainy days. So I came up with a quick and easy solution – The Mud Mitt.  Materials• Hand Towel or dish towel • Ribbon• Sewing Machine (you could hand sew if you wanted)•… Continue Reading “DIY: Mud Mitt”

Diagonal French Manicure

The diagonal french manicure is a chic and fun look that is so simple to create. I polished on a base coat, followed by two coats of Zoya \’Cole\’, then swiped on a diagonal coat of Jessica Cosmetics \’Ocean Bloom\’ and lastly a top… Continue Reading “Diagonal French Manicure”

Spring Flower Arrangement

While at Trader Joes this weekend I picked up some tulips and got a little create with the presentation. The peas actually create a chic look since the peas look like pebbles.

DIY: Easter Egg Door Hanger

I love to adorn my door with a festive wreath that coincides with an upcoming holiday or season. While roaming around Etsy a few weeks back looking for wreath inspiration I came across a lot of wooden hand painted door hangers, and thought I… Continue Reading “DIY: Easter Egg Door Hanger”