Embellished Cuffs

{I made the Sequin Hanger, if interested in buying one please inquire!}

Currently embellished cuffs are all the rage and you can find them at leading retail stores. However with price points of $150 or more I decided to DIY my own this weekend.

• Plain long sleeved sweater, blouse, jacket or anything with a cuff
• No sew fabric glue
• Embellishment trims*
1. Lay out your sweater (or whatever cuffed piece you are using), and iron the sleeves if they’re not flat.

2. Measure the amount of embellishment you will need and cut it so it’s the perfect size for your cuff.

3. Using no sew fabric glue, you want to carefully (this glue will show up on your clothing) dot it on your embellishment in small sections.

4. Continue dotting on glue until you reach the end of your cuff.

5. Allow the no sew glue to dry for at least 24 hours.

• You can buy the embellishment trims from Joann Fabrics by the yard. Try studs (very trendy right now), sequins, ribbons and more.
• You can also sew on your embellishment.
• If you do not have a seam line for your cuff you can tape off the portion you are adding your embellishment to so you have a finishing spot.

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