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Three Hour Knitted Infinity Scarf

In the winter there are few things better than a new crochet or knitted scarf, and I have the perfect knitted infinity scarf pattern for you. The best part it’ll only take three hours to complete!  {Keep it loose. You should be able to… Continue Reading “Three Hour Knitted Infinity Scarf”

DIY: Fringe Dog Toy

You don\’t have to spend a lot of money on toys to make your dog happy. In fact I discovered that Jack absolutely loves scraps of fabric, and since then my mum and I have been making him tons of different toys. Over the… Continue Reading “DIY: Fringe Dog Toy”

Whipped Coconut Body Créme

Is winter weather wrecking havoc on your skin? You\’re not alone. Recently, I was at a high-end beauty boutique in search of a lotion that would give my skin the TLC it needed, and found a line of “Whipped Coconut” body crèmes that smelled… Continue Reading “Whipped Coconut Body Créme”

DIY: Wooden Reindeer

I have seen this reindeer all over and I had to make one for myself. Below you can see the steps I took to create this super adorable wooden reindeer.

Gift Tag Ornaments

Attached to a bow on a gift or wrapped in a pretty box, giving ornaments is a Christmas tradition in my family. I decided that it was about time I started partaking in this tradition, however instead of buying ornaments I would make my… Continue Reading “Gift Tag Ornaments”