the secret to the cheeks you\’ve always wanted!

Apply bronzer after you\’ve applied your blush. Gold shades will contour your cheekbones creating a more prominent look. When applying the bronzer you want to sweep it from the apples to the temple.

{LORAC blush/bronzer duo in Hot Flash}

Hot Flash allows me to create the gorgeous cheek bones that I wished I was born with. The blush is a pink shimmer and the bronzer is a golden bronze shimmer. They\’re the perfect couple for fabulous cheekbones.

French Onion Soup

Waking up to 20 degree weather and frost on the ground definitely made it clear that it was time to make a big pot of soup. This time I decided to be adventurous and came up with my own recipe for french onion soup. Let me just let you know that I have NEVER had french onion soup before, so this could have been a total fail. I didn\’t want to smell the soup simmering on the stove all day since I am not an onion fan. So I decided to dig deep into my cabinet to get the big old (literally) crock pot out.

French Onion Soup

2 pts. per one cup of soup. Bread and cheese is extra.
mine with bread and cheese was 3.5 pts
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon olive oil
1-2 onions cut finely
1 box of beef stock
1 package Lipton Onion Soup Mix
2 cups water
Bread of your choice (I used sandwich thins)
reduced fat provolone cheese

1. In a crock pot place butter, olive oil, onions, beef stock, water and onion soup mix. I cooked mine on low for ten hours.
2. When you are ready to eat butter your bread(on both sides) and place it in the oven on broil. Flip when one side is crisp. You definitely want both sides of your bread crisp.
3. In a soup crock (bowl, mug or whatever you want) place some soup *NOTE I strained out a lot of the onions first because I don\’t like them*
4. Place the bread into your dish and your cheese on top. Place in the oven on broil until cheese is bubbly.

Dressed for the brisk winds

{Forever 21 puff sleeve dress}

I don\’t know about where you are, but the brisk weather is definitely in full swing here. One of my favorite chilly weather go to items is the sweater dress. I am completely obsessed. Paired with leggings or colored tights with some sassy boots and you have a gorgeous outfit!

{Forever 21 stripe dress}

{Top Shop knitted button detail dress}
{Old Navy boat neck dress}

{Urban Outfitters ecote animal print}
{Urban Outfitters house of dagmar aurelie}

What do you think of sweater dresses?

I love my Whooga

{the Whooga Ugg Boot Box…… so cute!}

In case you missed my post about Ugg Boots check it out here. I talked about the newest fashion fact that I learned. Ugg is actually a style of boot and not a brand. I have multiple pairs of Ugg Australia boots that I will now be trading in for these insanely amazing Whooga Ugg Boots.

{my tall chocolate Whooga Uggs}

{love their cute logo label}

{the Whooga Ugg Boot box vs the UGG Australia box}
personally the box wins my heart right away

{on the left is my Whooga Ugg Boot and the right is my Ugg Australia Ugg Boot}

Whooga Ugg Boots are made of premium grade merino sheepskin and ThermoFleece, and let me tell you the cushion in the boots is extremely out of this world. Not to mention I found them to be a lot more comfortable than my Ugg Australia boots.

{note: please don\’t mind the tacky rolled up jeans… my leggings were in the wash}

Do you own a pair of Ugg Boots?


Cozy in Knits

With the weather becoming brisk it\’s time to break out those cozy knit hats. Anyone can wear knit hats as you can see if the variety of celebrities who rock them. Pair your knit hat with a scarf and you have a chic look. Want to find knit hats on the cheap? Check out Old Navy and Walmart!

Would you wear a knit hat?