I love my Whooga

{the Whooga Ugg Boot Box…… so cute!}

In case you missed my post about Ugg Boots check it out here. I talked about the newest fashion fact that I learned. Ugg is actually a style of boot and not a brand. I have multiple pairs of Ugg Australia boots that I will now be trading in for these insanely amazing Whooga Ugg Boots.

{my tall chocolate Whooga Uggs}

{love their cute logo label}

{the Whooga Ugg Boot box vs the UGG Australia box}
personally the box wins my heart right away

{on the left is my Whooga Ugg Boot and the right is my Ugg Australia Ugg Boot}

Whooga Ugg Boots are made of premium grade merino sheepskin and ThermoFleece, and let me tell you the cushion in the boots is extremely out of this world. Not to mention I found them to be a lot more comfortable than my Ugg Australia boots.

{note: please don\’t mind the tacky rolled up jeans… my leggings were in the wash}

Do you own a pair of Ugg Boots?


Cozy in Knits

With the weather becoming brisk it\’s time to break out those cozy knit hats. Anyone can wear knit hats as you can see if the variety of celebrities who rock them. Pair your knit hat with a scarf and you have a chic look. Want to find knit hats on the cheap? Check out Old Navy and Walmart!

Would you wear a knit hat?


Bright Tights

Colored tights are one of the chicest and most fashionable trends for fall. However it can be a bit tricky to pull off properly. Here is my rule of thumb for wearing colored/bright tights or leggings. You should always pair them with darker colors in order to let the tights stand out. My go to when it comes to colored tights is pairing them with a fabulous pair of black boots. I also love colored tights with a fabulous print free dress.

{anthropologie $12.50}
{betsey johnson $28.00}
{DKNY $14.5)}
{urban outfitters $14.50}

What do you think of colored tights? Love them or hate them?
Would you wear them?

All Hallows Eve

{the hues for a halloween manicure}

{black onyx and candy corn coated nails}

{hello kitty pumpkin}

{wicked witch… 100 pound pumpkin}

{halloween movies by candle light}

Have a Happy Halloween!


These boots are made for walking

{Elle Riva Wedge Knee High Boot}

One of my absolute favorite things about autumn is boots. I love them! Every autumn I get at least five new pairs of boots. It\’s such an addiction… and my collection is fabulous!
{ Burberry Buckle Strap Suede Boot}

{Anthropologie Bowtied Beauty Boots}

{Anthropologie Prime Pairing Bootie}

{Candie\’s Wisper Tall Boots}
{Coconuts Gilly Slouch Boot}
{Naughty Monkey \’Detective\’ Boot}

{Naughty Monkey \’Rounded Up\’ Boot}

{Rialto Soul Search Tall Boots}

Do you love boots in autumn?
What is your favorite pair of boots this autumn?