Mother\’s Day Gift Ideas

My mum and I both love shoes, and since these are the cutest and most comfortable sandals for summer I think they\’d make a great mother\’s day gift. 
Both my Mum and Meeme burn candles constantly, and they both have me addicted to candles. These gorgeous candles would make a fabulous gift in a cute basket.
Whisker Graphics products some fabulous items. One of them being Divine Twine which comes in a variety of colors. It\’s great for tying packages, cookies or getting crafty with. I know that my mum would be in heaven if she received these. 
What Mum wouldn\’t be in heaven if she received this bag?
{My Father\’s Daughter Cookbook}
Does your mom love to cook or bake? This book might be perfect for her!
What are you planning on getting your mom for mother\’s day?
Check back Tuesday for a easy tutorial for Mother\’s Day. 

21 Comments on “Mother\’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I've had my eye on Gwyneth Paltrow's new book for the longest! I might have to get that for me instead of mom (hehe).


  2. My mom is one of those mothers that has everything. And her birthday falls just a couple days before Mother's Day…which means I have to double the gift. I usually get her a person gift card that I know she will use on herself.


  3. Such great ideas! I want that cookbook. I got my Mom a new lunch bag she had been lusting after (it looks like a purse- so cute), a jar of black bean salsa (growing up, my Mom and I used to love chips & salsa) and some carolina coffee. We got Josh's Mom a gift basket from Stonewall kitchens


  4. I have heard great things about Gwyneth's new book.Ok, and I checked out that website for the shoes and I swear that I am going to order them for my mom for mother's day. I just have to figure out what style.


  5. A cook book is a great idea! Might have to go with that because I hadn't even thought about it yet. Ooops!


  6. My Father's Daughter Cookbook is great idea for mother's day! Thank for saving my life as I was struggling on which cookbook to buy. Thanks for dropping by. Following you now 🙂


  7. HAppy Sunday Erica 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!! Those sandles are so cute! I'm not sure what I am going to get or do for my mom yet! I better get on that huh?, lol!xo gi gi


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