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Sometimes a girl just wants to rock a stylish cap with a pony or a bun. Designed by women for women Ponyflo baseball hats are perfect for a hike in the woods, your daily fitness routine, traveling, the beach, dreaded hair days, a casual stroll, hanging out with your squad and more.

Ponyflo hats were created to alleviate the cumbersome task of trying to wear a baseball hat with a ponytail or pun. Traditional baseball hats or trucker caps were created with men in mind. Traditional ball caps have an opening at the back that is too low and most of the time too small to fit a ponytail or bun. As a result, the traditional baseball hats or trucker hats are just downright uncomfortable and awkward to wear with a ponytail or bun. Want to wear a baseball cap, but want to be comfortable? Ponyflo has you covered! Ponyflo incorporates a tangle-free adjustable Velcro opening at the back, which is what makes Ponyflo unique from everything else that is on the market.

Typically when I workout, hike, bike and more I always wear a baseball hat – which really helps me focus on myself and not everything else going on around me. Recently, I visited the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and went on multiple hikes. I decided to put Ponyflo to the test during my trip, and let me tell you this hat did not disappoint at all. My ponytail fit perfectly in the hat, and it was so comfortable to wear. Not to mention I received so many compliments about how cute it is.

Ponyflo offers a wide variety of caps that easily allow you to rock a cute messy bun or ponytail. You can shop Classic ponytail baseball hats, Active ponytail baseball hats and Meshback ponytail baseball hats. The classic cap collection features your traditional hats, including distressed and ones with sayings on them. The Active cap is absolutely perfect for any fitness routine and has quickly become my favorite cap from Ponyflo. Lastly, there is the Meshback cap collection which resembles the traditional trucker hat and is perfect for the camper, adventurer or tomboy in your life.

Want to show your personal style? Ponyflo allows you to customize some caps with your monogram. I mean really, what girl does not want a monogrammed ball cap?

Ponyflo Baseball Hats Makes the Best Holiday Gifts

Ponyflo has the perfect gift for every girl on your list. Grab the active hat for the fitnessista on your list, the meshback cap for the wanderlust and the classic ponytail baseball hat for the stylish girl. Customize a hat with her monogram, or grab one for the dog mom in your life. No matter who you are shopping for Ponyflo is sure to have the perfect gift for your female friends and family members. Let your Ponyflo!

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