48 Hours in Marquette, Michigan: The Ultimate Travel Guide

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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan aka Da Yoop is better known as God’s Country. If you love spending time outdoors, adventuring, waterfalls, and nature’s beauty in general then God’s Country is the perfect place for you to visit. Recently, I traveled to Marquette, Michigan for a fall trip.

 I fell in love with Marquette, Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula when I went to college in Marquette at Northern Michigan University. This time I would be heading to da yoop with a friend who shares my love for Marquette and all things outdoors. Before embarking on this fall road trip, we created a list of all the places we wanted to see, hike and eat at. Much of these activities would take place outside and unfortunately the weather forecast for this trip was filled with more rain than sunshine. However, we wanted to get the most out of our trip to our favorite city and decided to cram as much as we could into 48 hours. To be honest, much of these activities were done during the first 24 hours of our trip. Hey, we wanted to make sure that we did everything we wanted to!

Without further ado here is the ultimate 48-hour travel guide to Marquette, Michigan. I will show you where to eat and what to do. 

To kick off my 48-hour travel guide to Marquette, let’s start with what to do.

Before you do anything else, your first stop should be to the Ore Dock. The Ore Dock is one of the most striking features of the waterfront in downtown Marquette. The Ore Dock is located in the Lower Harbor portion of Marquette, Michigan and has been saved as a historic reminder of the past. It is all that is left of multiple Ore Docks that once graced Lower Harbor and is definitely a sight to see.

Head to Presque Isle Park, and take in the views. Near the tip of Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan you will find Black Rocks. “Blackrocks” is best known for being the place where everyone jumps off a cliff and into Lake Superior. Not into cliff jumping (don’t worry I can’t swim so I am not either), no problem! Black Rocks are the perfect place to take in the views of Lake Superior.

Take a hike, Sugarloaf Mountain is waiting for you. While Marquette is full of beautiful views and plenty of hiking trails, Sugarloaf Mountain is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. Sugarloaf Mountain is just a few miles from downtown Marquette, and the turnoff from country road 550 is well marked. The view at Sugarloaf Mountain is absolutely stunning and one that you will not want to miss. You will find two trails, one is marked an “easy” route and offers a tamer grade that takes a little longer than the difficult path. No matter which trail you take, both end up at the same exact beautiful location, where you will see a stunning view of Lake Superior, Marquette, Presque Isle Park, and Little Presque Isle as well as Hogsback Mountain and a large area of forest between Marquette and Big Bay.

Go waterfalling and see what Dead River Falls has to offer. The Dead River has a number of dams and diversions that run wild for a half-mile, just west of Marquette, with three significant falls and several lesser drops. This is one of the best waterfall adventures that you will take in Michigan. The sites you will see are absolutely amazing, however, this is definitely a tough trail to do – especially when it’s wet.

Need a break from all the hiking and activities? Head to downtown Marquette and get your shop on. Downtown Marquette is home to plenty of fun shops filled with all your favorite Upper Peninsula gear. My favorite shop is Yooper Shirts, they represent da yoop perfectly and even make sure that Isle Royal is present on them.

Don’t forget to check out the Northern Michigan University campus before leaving town. Northern Michigan University is home to the Wildcats and has one of the prettiest campus’ in the nation.

Getting hungry? Marquette is home to some of my favorite restaurants.
Breakfast in Marquette, Michigan

Donckers is more than just a candy shop, it’s also a restaurant. This was my first time eating at Donckers, and I highly recommend that you order the Micky Moose Pancakes. The Micky Moose Pancakes at Donckers use a from-scratch recipe and are made to look like a moose. Seriously cutest pancakes ever!

Third Street Bagel is home to the best bagels that you will ever taste. Third Street Bagel sells a variety of sandwiches that will rock your world. 

Babycakes Muffin Company sells the BEST muffins you will ever taste in your entire life – not even joking. Babycakes Muffin Company is located in downtown Marquette this is one place you want to make sure you stop at. 

Lunch or Dinner in Marquette, Michigan

You can’t go to the Upper Peninsula without grabbing a pasty. My favorites are from Lawry’s Pasty Shop or Jean Kay’s. Jean Kay\’s used to be my go-to, but now Lawry\’s Pasty Shop is my favorite.

Border Grill serves up market-fresh Mexican food. The salsa at Border Grill is out of this world, literally, nothing compares to it.

Vango’s is the home of the oldest pizza parlor in Marquette. However, that’s definitely not the only thing they are known for. Waffle fries and ranch are the must-have at Vango’s… trust me – you must place an order for them!

The Delft Bistro is located in downtown Marquette and used to be a movie theater. Not only does The Delft Bistro serve up some amazing food, but they also show movies while you eat.

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