What I Wore, Ate and Did this Fourth of July

 {sunglasses: Target | Dress: Lilly Pulitzer}

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! Growing up in Michigan you quickly learn that the Fourth of July is meant to be spent up north – preferably on the lake. However, this year things didn’t pan out that way for me. I ended up spending the Fourth in the city, and let me tell you I loved the ghost town. While my weekend wasn’t filled with days splashing through one of the Great Lakes and eating Superman ice cream, they were filled with bike rides, good food and plenty of quality time with Jack. Scroll through the pictures below to get a glimpse at my holiday weekend, and don’t forget to leave a comment and share what you were up to.

There’s a baby camel at the Detroit Zoo and she is ready to meet you. On Wednesday, March 27 the proud parents Suren and Rusty welcomed their baby girl Tula to the Detroit Zoo. This calf joins siblings Humphrey (4) and Rusi (who turns 2 in July). Did you know that a newborn calf is able to stand and walk alongside its mother in as little as 30 minutes of birth? When Tula was born she weighed in at 128 pounds and stood more than 4 feet tall. Contrary to popular belief, camels store fat – not water – in their humps, which provides energy when food is limited. If you love baby animals as much as I do, now is the perfect time to visit the Detroit Zoo and see Tula for yourself. 

 {red (Zoya Dixie), white (SINFULCOLORS Snow Me White) and Blue (Zoya Dory) maniucure}
 {Le Detroit Macaron}
  {Vinsetta Garage with Papa}
 {Verellens for strawberries}
 {Buddy\’s Pizza to celebrate Betsy\’s 40th birthday}
{picking cherries for cobbler}
{adventures with my favorite}

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