Restaurant Review: Vinsetta Garage

Do you have a restaurant near you that you take friends to when they’re in town? For me, that place is Vinsetta Garage. Located in the heart of Berkley Vinsetta Garage used to be a functioning car shop, that years later has turned into a delicious and unique restaurant. Vinsetta Garage is a place that was built to serve one purpose and preserved to serve the next. It’s the kind of place that made a name for itself on Woodward Avenue by delivering the deepest kind of car to car owners one wrench at a time. Featuring burgers, Union Mc & Cheese, noodle bowls, coal-fired pies – Vinsetta Garage is sure to offer a little something for everyone. Recently, Papa (my grandpa) was telling me about Vinsetta Garage and going there back in the day – I knew right then and there it was a place that I had to take him to. So, this past Saturday we hopped in the car and headed to Berkley to grab a burger. Papa thought it was so neat that they preserved so much of the car shop, and were slinging great burgers. If you’re ever in the Metro Detroit area I highly recommend heading to Vinsetta Garage for a burger. 

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