A Style to Steal: Kourtney Kardashian

 I am absolutely hooked on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Not because the show is awesome, but because I love Kourtney\’s makeup, hair and clothing style. Oh and I seriously want her lashes! Real….fake….? I have no idea but I definitely need to find out! If you know please share!

What do you think of Kourtney K\’s Style?

26 Comments on “A Style to Steal: Kourtney Kardashian

  1. i am so envious of her style for sure! she is my fav kardashian girl and would LOVE to raid her closet.


  2. I'm with you, Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian because I love her style and clothes the most!xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com


  3. we love the Kardashians. The husband wakes up every sunday and turns on E! because he needs to see his \”girls\” LOL.Kourtney is definitely a favourite. Mason is just so damn cute.


  4. I don't love all of her dresses, but I think she has the best day-to-day (casual) style by far!


  5. Don't hate, but I'm not a huge Kim K fashion fan… I'm more of a Jackie O./Audrey Hepburn style person, so her style just doesn't quite appeal to me.


  6. The Kardashians kind of make me want to punch things, but I will not deny that I would love to steal all of Kourtney's clothes.


  7. oh my gosh, you had me at the first one!!!but my favorite look might be the pale orange crush shorts (oh to pull that look off!).


  8. Love her hair styles! And I wish I looked good in hats like that! Unfortunately, I do not have a hat-friendly face. Boo. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  9. Khloe is my fave Kardashian sister, b/c she's the most like me.But I do love Kourt's style. She's made a few mistakes but that is part of the appeal for me. She takes risks.


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