DIY Decorative Candle

 As you know I absolutely love candles. Over the weekend I was at Pottery Barn and found some gorgeous fall themed carved candles. If I was rich the $45 price tag would have been no big deal, but since I am not…. I decided to DIY my own carved candles.

 I bought a $3.99 tan candle \”baked cookie\” scent from Michaels.
Measure a piece of printer paper and cut it to the size of your candle.

 Draw out the design you would like carved onto your candle.

 Tape your design to the candle.

 Use a knife and trace over your design.

 Your candle should now look like the above picture.

 Now you are going to start to carve away at your candle. You want your design to be 3D. So you will scrape away around your design.

Voila! $3.99 and a couple hours later and you have a gorgeous decorative candle!

18 Comments on “DIY Decorative Candle

  1. It looks great! And you can't beat a $3.99 price. Mine would never turn out that well thoughxx Emily @


  2. Lovely candle project, and a great price. I can't believe an original could be $45, wow. Thanks for the idea:)


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