Miss Universe from OPI

 What little girl didn\’t dream about being a princess. Living in the United States the closest you get to being a princess is being crowned at a beauty pageant. In honor of the Miss Universe pageant on September 12th OPI created a limited edition Miss Universe nail lacquer collection.

{Swimsuit… Nailed It, Crown me Already,  It\’s MY Year and Congeniality is my Middle Name}
{It\’s MY Year, Congeniality is my Middle Name, Swimsuit…Nailed It and Crown me Already}
{It\’s MY Year}
It\’s MY Year is a rose wine with pink glitter. This would be cute on toes.
{Congeniality is my Middle Name}
Congeniality is my Middle Name is berry purple hue with gold glitter. If you love purple this is a color that you definitely want to own. It is absolutely gorgeous. I had it on for two days and every where I went someone was asking me what my polish color was. 
{Swimsuit…Nailed It!}
Swimsuit…Nailed It! is a bright and shiny royal blue loaded with bright blue glitter. I am thinking this color could look gorgeous in the winter.
 {Crown Me Already}

Crown Me Already is silver packed glitter. This hue contains tiny silver glitter specks as well as large circle ones. You know that I am definitely not a big glitter fan….however I LOVE this polish. To be honest it looks like you have lace on your nails it\’s gorgeous. I have had this polish on my nails for three days now and people keep asking me how I got my nails to look like this. This is a definite collection must have!

 Do you watch the Miss Universe pageant? 
Which of these colors do you like the most?

17 Comments on “Miss Universe from OPI

  1. I don't watch the pageants, but I think the \”Congeniality\” color would make a really cute pedicure!


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