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Herb Olive Oil Cubes

These frozen herb olive oil cubes are the perfect way to savor summer. What you need: • Ice cub tray• Fresh herbs• Olive Oil• Knife Step 1: Cut herbs and place in ice cube tray. Step 2: Fill 3/4 the way with olive oil.… Continue Reading “Herb Olive Oil Cubes”

It\’s In The Bag: Summer Edition

 {Michael Kors Large Hamilton Striped Canvas Tote} I change my handbag at least once seasonally, and since fall is almost here I thought I would share with you what my current handbag is and what you\’ll find instead of it. What do you keep… Continue Reading “It\’s In The Bag: Summer Edition”


 {Loving: nude nails and lips}  {Long days on the beach}  {Homemade blueberry muffins with fresh picked berries}  {Living in flats} {Getting around to redoing this room and getting rid of the ugly blue}

Five Things

{Summer pup} This week has been a complete scorcher which means I took every opportunity to spend the day on the beach, and hope to spend the weekend doing the same. What are your weekend plans?  {Sitting on the dock watching the Badger come… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Blissful State of Summer

{Afternoons at the beach require cute totes like this one from Nantucket Brand} Despite the fact that summer officially arrived weeks ago the weather here has been less than perfect. That is until this past week when temperatures outside started holding steady at an… Continue Reading “Blissful State of Summer”