It\’s In The Bag: Summer Edition

 {Michael Kors Large Hamilton Striped Canvas Tote}
I change my handbag at least once seasonally, and since fall is almost here I thought I would share with you what my current handbag is and what you\’ll find instead of it. What do you keep inside your bag?

What\’s in my handbag:
1. Kate Spade wallet
2. Burt\’s Bees mango chapstick
3. iPod Shuffle
4. Garmin GPS
5. Purell hand sanitzer
6. Flip flop change purse
7. Clipa handbag hanger
8. Nail file
9. Hair ties
10. Chanel sunglasses
11. Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil
12. Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in palest pink
13. Pink lipstick
14. Lip Rewind in pink
15. VS Lipgloss

3 Comments on “It\’s In The Bag: Summer Edition

  1. I love that wallet! I've been using an Elie Tahari brown leather one, but I think I need a new one for fall. I need to check out the Kate Spade options!


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