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Friday Favorites 1.22.20

Happy Friday! Anyone else super excited it\’s finally Friday? January is moving in slow motion, and the lack of snow isn\’t making things better here. This week some snow fell, then two days later it was 40 degrees and it all melted. On a… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 1.22.20”

Friday Favorites 1.15.20

TGIF, did anyone else feel like every single day this week was a new day and the week was never going to end? It was definitely a rough one! We made it to Friday though, and that\’s something to celebrate. We still have NO… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 1.15.20”

Friday Favorites 1.08.21

  With the fresh energy of the New Year upon us, I have been busy making plans for 2021: adventures/microadventures, projects, personal and professional goals, to name a few. Over here at Fashion meets Food, I am thrilled to share another year with you.… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 1.08.21”

Friday Favorites 12.18.20

Welcome to this week\’s roundup. Last week I posted that Michigan was having a very warm December, and today I would like to let you all know Michigan has returned to normal. While I can still see the grass, the side streets are now… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 12.18.20”

Friday Favorites 12.11.20

  It\’s Friday roundup time! Currently, Michigan is having a very warm December. In fact, a couple days this week no jacket was required which is crazy to me. Tomorrow in metro Detroit we are supposed to get rain, while up north is supposed… Continue Reading “Friday Favorites 12.11.20”