Friday Favorites 12.11.20


It\’s Friday roundup time! Currently, Michigan is having a very warm December. In fact, a couple days this week no jacket was required which is crazy to me. Tomorrow in metro Detroit we are supposed to get rain, while up north is supposed to get some snow. Little fact, I have not eaten out in 275 days! I can\’t even believe that I used to love eating out. As an OCD germaphobe, I have avoided it, thanks to \’Rona. However, that is all about to change tonight and I cannot wait to share with you on Monday where I ate out!  

Follow along on Instagram to see what we are up to this weekend! Now here\’s a few favorite finds from the week.

I bought this \”Five Year Journal Written One Line A Day\” from Lottie Mae and will be starting it on January 1st!

Indulged in Satsumas from The Peach Truck.

I have been looking for cutesy cabin stays on Airbnb.

This Pie Jam makes a great addition to any charcuterie board.

Tried a Kringle for the first time.

I have this tea on repeat right now.

Looking for hot cocoa bombs? Make your own with my step-by-step hot cocoa bomb tutorial.

Whether you want to stay in your car or adventure around – this metro Detroit Christmas guide has you covered.

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