5 Ways to Get Through the Holidays Alone


The pressure is on during the holiday season, and let\’s face it, this year is bringing on a variety of different challenges. If we are being honest with ourselves, we all know that even under the best circumstances the holidays can come with a lot of stress, drama, and discomfort.

At the end of the day, the holiday season shouldn\’t be about lights or presents or even sitting with all of your relatives in front of a crackling fire. The holidays don\’t have to look a certain way, and this year is showing up that sometimes we have to make up our own rules. If you\’re not used to spending Christmas alone, this year may be a struggle for you. But, as someone who has to spend some holidays alone, I can guarantee you\’ll survive and come out stronger. To help you soften those feelings of loneliness, I am sharing five ways to get through the holidays alone.

5 Ways to Get Through the Holidays Alone

1. Find ways to connect
In-person contact with loved ones is lovely, but as we have learned this year it is not the only way to connect. Make dates to video chat with friends and family. Send out some holiday cards with personalized notes. It\’s a different vibe this year for many, and you may have to take the first step, but that\’s okay it\’ll be worth it in the end. 

2. Indulge
If you\’re not thrilled to spend the holidays alone (by the way, it\’s perfectly fine if you\’re looking forward to some solitude!), make sure you\’re gentle with yourself. Reward yourself, give yourself a little gift, take a bubble bath, grab your favorite chocolates, or pick up some croissants and jam for breakfast in bed. It\’s been a tough year, you deserve a little treat.

3. Finish end of the year projects
There is no better time now than to get yourself organized for the new year. Make those doctor\’s appointments you\’ve been putting off, call for a pick up of clothing and items you no longer need, get your closet organized, clean your car…etc. Figure out what is making you feel overwhelmed and tackle it. Maybe it is time to sit down and create a new budget or create a vision board. Whatever it is, you will feel so much better once you complete it.

4. Keep yourself busy
Start a DIY project (I will be making this copper feather), create a vision board for 2021, start a new fitness routine, take an online cooking class. The holidays will be over before you know it, especially if you keep yourself busy. 

5. Or, do nothing at all
On the flip side, if you\’re not a busy body – you don\’t have to be. Stay in bed, have a Netflix movie marathon, and order food from your favorite local restaurants (I think I will order Thai one night – spring rolls and crab rangoons, please). Head to the book store and grab a book you\’ve been wanting to reach. It\’s your time of the year, do what will help you recharge for the upcoming year. 

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