10 Reasons to Visit Tonia’s Victorian Rose Tea Room

On Friday, I ate out. In public. I know, let me let you catch your breath. If you\’ve been following along and/or know me personally you know prior to the pandemic I was already an OCD germaphobe. While stores were out of hand sanitizer I was stocked up, because that was already everyday life for me. 

As of Friday, it had been 275 days since I physically ate out. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took myself on a little date to Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room located in Rochester, Michigan. You see, in Michigan, restaurants have been shut back down for dine-in. The option is to carry out or dine outside. Restaurants have gotten really creative and have brought igloos into the mix to make winter dining even more fun. 

Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room took dining to the next level with her adorable little clear outdoor house. If you\’re looking to get out and safely enjoy a meal and a cup of tea or two I highly recommend heading to downtown Rochester and visiting Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room.

If you\’d like to reserve this adorable space call Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room at (248) 652-8595 I recommend having an early dinner like I did from 4-5:30 enjoying your food and tea and then walking around downtown Rochester and checking out the Big Bright Light Show!

10 Reasons to Visit Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room

1. A sweet and charming place to dine
Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room has created the cutest outdoor dining space. The ambiance is delightful and charming. The outdoor space offers a SAFE place to enjoy eating out, plus you\’ll get gorgeous outdoor views during the winter. 

2. Support local
Not only is Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room locally owned, but the owner is also a huge fan of supporting local and actually partnered with local interior decorator/ home staging expect Vivian of Impressive Home Staging to create this charming oasis. I absolutely love how Vivian decorated the Christmas tree and displayed the book inside the house. You will also find cute decorations from Plain and Fancy inside of the little house. Plain and Fancy is located in downtown Rochester as well so be sure to check it out and get some unique gifts. 

3. Tasty tea selection
Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room is of course home to a variety of tasty teas. 
Pro Tip: Get the peach passion – it\’s delicious.

4. Adorable mismatched tea sets
As a fan of Alice and Wonderland, you know that means I love the Mad Hatter\’s tea party. The mismatched tea sets at Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room remind me of just that. The fact that they don\’t match, or she does not match on purpose offers a sense of whimsy and wonder. 

5. Delicious menu
Tonia\’s Victorian Rose menu may be small, but it is mighty. The quiche lorraine and signature salad are absolutely delicious. I also love everything about the two-tier tea party. 

6. Homemade raspberry dressing
I can not brag enough about how absolutely delicious this salad dressing is! You can find it drizzled over the signature salad, and let me tell you – that raspberry dressing is the best dressing I have ever had.

7. Themed tea parties
Who doesn\’t love themed parties? From A Christmas Story and Harry Potter to High Teas and more. You\’re sure to find something you and your friends can attend at Tonia\’s Victorian Tea Room. Can\’t find a tea party to your liking? Host your own. 

8. Decadent desserts
If desserts are your thing, then the Victorian Rose Tea Room is your place. From dark chocolate raspberry torte (my favorite) and orange cranberry scones to white chocolate raspberry pudding, there is sure to be something on the menu that you\’ll love.

9. Hot cocoa bombs
This year has all about pivoting and Tonia\’s Victorian Rose Tea Room took a huge pivot and jumped on one of the biggest trends of 2020… hot chocolate bombs! Hot cocoa bombs aren\’t just great for the holiday season, they\’re perfect gifts for friends, neighbors, and more all winter long. The best part, they offer anything from chocolate and white chocolate peppermint to themed HCBs such as the Grinch, Elsa, and more! 

10. Polite, friendly, and safe atmosphere
Tonia was sweet, kind, caring, and friendly. When I visited she made sure I had everything I needed while in the little house, made sure the food tasted good and I was enjoying myself. All the food was brought out with contactless delivery. This right here is why small businesses make my heart so happy. You would never get this kind of service and thoughtfulness at a chain restaurant. 

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