Friday Favorites 1.22.20

winter sunset

Happy Friday! Anyone else super excited it\’s finally Friday? January is moving in slow motion, and the lack of snow isn\’t making things better here. This week some snow fell, then two days later it was 40 degrees and it all melted. On a positive note, we did get some gorgeous sunsets! Despite temperatures being freezing this weekend, I cannot wait to get out in nature! I am also going to work on a vision board. What are your weekend plans?

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I started posting my workouts and what I am eating on my fitness Instagram
Have you watched the trailer for Barb and Star Go To Vista Delk Mar
If you love Wicked the Musical I highly recommend Leanne Hainsby\’s Wicked Peloton ride!
Dinner and a movie: Disney\’s Ratatouille, and homemade ratatouille.
Have you tried Maui Gold Pineapple before? If not, I highly recommend it!
How are you doing on your winter bucket list? I am not doing well, thanks to the lack of snow.

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