Friday Favorites 1.08.21

chocolate + snowshoes


With the fresh energy of the New Year upon us, I have been busy making plans for 2021: adventures/microadventures, projects, personal and professional goals, to name a few. Over here at Fashion meets Food, I am thrilled to share another year with you. Where I\’ll continue to write more about my adventures – especially the ones around the Great Lakes state! 

In 2020 I started following a specific cadence of what I would post on my blog and will be continuing with that this year. If you haven\’t caught on, here is a little more insight.

Michigan Mondays
Michigan-specific posts, adventures, food/restaurants, lifestyle, and more.

Travel Tuesdays
Posts about travel, including road trips, weekend getaways, day trips, adventures, must-sees, and more.

On Wednesdays, We Eat
Restaurant reviews, recipes, foodie favorites, and more. 

Anything goes! Thursdays will be the potpourri day of the week.

Friday Favorites
Favorite things and links, shops, places, and anything else I am loving that week.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks to come. Be sure to connect with me over on Instagram to see what Jack and I are up to.

Now let\’s talk about 11 favorites from the past week: 

1. Night hikes and snowshoe adventures around Michigan.

2. Have you made a winter bucket list yet? Despite Michigan lacking snow I still made a pretty ambitious one. You can view it here

3. Hot cocoa bombs are still all the rage, if you haven\’t made any yet I am sharing all the details on how to make gorgeous and seamless hot chocolate bombs here

4. Valentine\’s Day is just around the corner, and I am loving these cards for girlfriends!

5. Looking for a hearty and delicious meal? Have some pasties sent to you from Lawry\’s Pasty Shop in Marquette. P.S. These are my favorite pasties ever. 

6. I started this five-year journal written one line at a time, and always write in it before I go to bed. 

7. OmNom Chocolate in Reykjavík, Iceland released their Love Collection and I am super excited. 

8. Speaking of chocolate, have you tried Seattle Chocolate yet? Double Chocolate Trail Mix Truffle is my FAVORITE.

9. Reid\’s Gourmet Honey Peanut Butter will change your life.

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