7 Winter Activities to Try This Year

If you\’ve been reading this blog or following along on Instagram, you\’ll know that I embrace winter. And that\’s a good thing, too. Living in Michigan, our winter season can begin as early as October and end with final snowflakes in as late as May. This year has been weird, we haven\’t gotten an accumulation of snow, but I am not letting that get me down. I have already started to plan winter activities. 

If you\’re looking for ways to get out and enjoy the snowy season, why not try out a few of the following?

7 Winter Activities to Try This Year

1. Support local trail systems
One of the ways I like to help out the local trails is by getting out and hiking or snowshoeing. Here in Michigan, we are blessed to have a wide variety of groomed trails for cross-country skiing, fat biking, hiking, and so much more. 

2. Snowshoe through the woods
One of the best things about snowshoes is the freedom you have to trek through deep snow with ease. I love adventuring through snowy pines and trees in the winter. 

3. Cross-country skiing
When I lived in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan I would go cross-country skiing often. You can find groomed trails in state parks and forest areas. Downstate it\’s a little harder to find trails, but they\’re still around. It\’s always fun hopping back into a pair of skis and heading out onto the trail.

4. Fat-tire biking/snow biking
I\’m sure you\’ve seen those bikes with the insanely large tires? Well, they\’re not just for the summer, they\’re great for the winter as well. Head down trails, and check winter out from a different perspective. If you haven\’t tried fat biking yet, check local bike shops, parks, or ski resorts to see if they offer rentals.

5. Snowboarding or skiing
Full disclosure, this is not on my winter to-do list. However, it is on most Michigander\’s list, and I figured it should be added here. Truth be told, I have only tried skiing once and never made it off the beginner \”hill\” with the \”escalator\” to the top. I would love to take lessons though, and get on a chair lift for the first time!

6. Build a snowman
You can\’t let winter slip by without building a snowman. Create a traditional snowman or get creative. The possibilities are endless. 

7. Go sledding or tubing
There\’s nothing like grabbing a sled and heading for the hills. Or find somewhere to go tubing, and experience something new. 

Get out there and enjoy the snow this year!

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