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How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage this holiday season, and the best part is you can make them at home. Hot chocolate bombs or hot cocoa bombs are cutesy little balls of chocolate that you put into a mug, and when you pour… Continue Reading “How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs”

How to Make a Simple Halloween Charcuterie Board

  I am so excited to share this Halloween charcuterie board with you all. Charcuterie boards are my favorite, and I love creating one when I have guests over or attend an event. However, this year I have found myself spending a lot of… Continue Reading “How to Make a Simple Halloween Charcuterie Board”

How to Make Homemade Apple Butter

The leaves have turned the most gorgeous shades of red, orange, and golden yellow – there is a crisp chill in the air which can only mean one thing, fall has officially arrived. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and if… Continue Reading “How to Make Homemade Apple Butter”

Restaurant Review: Iron Bay, Marquette

  Iron Bay Drinkery, Restaurant, and Taproom are located in the heart of downtown Marquette, Michigan in one of the most iconic and historic locations. Iron Bay is serving about all the American classic from burgers and salads to chicken wings and my personal… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Iron Bay, Marquette”

How to Make Crab Rangoon

  In college there was a restaurant that served up the best crab rangoon, and I\’ll be honest I haven\’t had them since college. After having crab legs for the first time with a friend and having some left over we decided it was… Continue Reading “How to Make Crab Rangoon”