Restaurant Review: Iron Bay, Marquette


Iron Bay Drinkery, Restaurant, and Taproom are located in the heart of downtown Marquette, Michigan in one of the most iconic and historic locations. Iron Bay is serving about all the American classic from burgers and salads to chicken wings and my personal favorite anything whitefish. You cannot come to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan without getting some Lake Superior whitefish. Iron Bay is serving up a variety of whitefish dishes from smoked whitefish dip and Lake Superior whitefish chowder to Lake Superior whitefish and chips, tacos, and more. 

As mentioned above, you cannot visit Michigan\’s Upper Peninsula without eating some Lake Superior whitefish. Therefore, while I was in Marquette I met up with one of my friends to get whitefish at Iron Bay for some whitefish. 

What I ordered at Iron Bay in Marquette, MI
After spending entirely too long deciding what kind of whitefish I wanted I ended up ordering the Lake Superior Whitefish Chowder, Lake Superior Whitefish Sandwich, a Chai Pumpkin Pie, because you know I can\’t skip dessert.

Lake Superior Whitefish Chowder
The Lake Superior Whitefish Chowder featured local whitefish in a creamy style chowder. Hands down this were the best chowder I have ever tasted in my life and highly recommend getting it if you like chowders.

Lake Superior Whitefish Sandwich
The Lake Superior Whitefish Sandwich featured whitefish, arugula, tomato, slaw, and remoulade on a ciabatta roll. Nothing that was on the sandwich overpowered the whitefish which I really appreciated. The sandwich was the perfect combination of everything. 

Chai Pumpkin Pie
Oh my gosh, this Chai Pumpkin Pie is the most delicious thing ever. I love chai and pumpkin pie and the combination of these two together was absolutely amazing.

If you\’re in Marquette, Michigan I highly recommend making a stop at Iron Bay for some delicious whitefish.

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