Things To Do in Marquette, Michigan: Kayak Dead River


One thing I have never done in Marquette, Michigan is go kayaking. For those of you that do not know, I went to college at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. Where I spent my days hiking and adventuring around Lake Superior, but never went on a water adventure. 

On a recent trip to Marquette, Michigan not only did I reconnect with a friend from college, but I got to go kayaking and check out fall colors along the Dead River. Katie and I were both graphic communication majors at Northern Michigan University. We both came to Northern Michigan University as transfer students in our sophomore year, and how we met/became friends is cutesy epic. We were both waiting in the hallway to get into a design class and both had the same laptop case (black with white polka dots from Target), it was an instant friendship. 

Katie and Erica\’s Big Adventure
After talking and catching up on the past 12ish years, Katie and I loaded the kayaks onto her car and headed to the Dead River for our big kayaking adventure. Unlike Lake Superior, the Dead River provides calm water which means you do not need to have a ton of experience to kayak. 

What I loved about this adventure was how quiet and calming it was. We were able to enjoy each other\’s company and immerse ourselves in everything nature has to offer. The best part, the leaves are changing colors in Marquette, and that made the view even better from the water. 

I cannot wait for our next big adventure, especially if it involves kayaking. 

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