How to Make Crab Rangoon


In college there was a restaurant that served up the best crab rangoon, and I\’ll be honest I haven\’t had them since college. After having crab legs for the first time with a friend and having some left over we decided it was the perfect opportunity to make crab rangoon at home and with real crab to boot. 

These crab rangoons are so much better than any I have had in a restaurant and that is because I put a lot of love and labor into cracking fresh king crab legs. I ended up frying some of the crab rangoons as well as cooking them in the air fryer to see which way I preferred them. Both ways were absolutely delicious, obviously the air fryer offers a healthier way to enjoy crab rangoon. 

The crab rangoon turned out super crispy on the outside and warm and creamy on the inside. The ingredient list is short, and these are simple to eat. The best thing about making crab rangoon at home, you can freeze them prior to frying so they\’re ready for your future snacking needs. 

How to Make Crab Rangoon
Wonton wrappers
usually found in the refrigerated section in the produce department, near tofu and salad dressings
Whipped cream cheese
Crab meat
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Fresh garlic
Green onion/chive

1. Place wonton wrappers aside.
2. Combine all other filling ingredients in a bowl. 
3. Place filling in the center of each wonton.
4. Moisten the edges of the wonton with an egg wash (egg/water mixture). 
5. Fold to seal, the egg wash will act like glue to keep it together. 
6. Heat 2-3 inches of vegetable oil in a dutch oven or pot until it reaches 350 degrees. 
7. Fry 4-5 crab rangoons at a time, for about 45 seconds to one minute. Or until golden brown. 
8. Place them on a plated lined with paper towels to cool.
9. Enjoy.

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